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Did you know that you can also access physiotherapy online? 


Telehealth allows you to access physiotherapy from the comfort of your own home/work! Telehealth is a great option when you are unable to attend physiotherapy in person. This might be for you if you are a busy mum, anyone with a busy work life, or if you are living/working remotely. 


What happens during your telehealth appointment;

  • A detailed subjective assessment: we want to understand understand you, your injury and condition, as well as medical history, gynaelogical/obstetric history (if necessary), exercise levels and goals. 

  • Detailed assessment of the way that you move, your mobility and your endurance/strength

  • Education regarding your diagnosis and condtiion, as well as a plan  treatment, exercise and self management. 

  • Relevant treatment and self- management 

  • Exercise prescription and relevant movement patterning cues 


Contact Kelly to book in for an online consult today. 

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