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One wonderful part of my job as a pelvic health physio and a mum is that I get to work and collaborate with brands that I love. 

The brands below are all brands that I have used myself or recommended to clients, with discount codes for you to use.

Use code: PHYSIOKELLY for 15% off

The RY is a maternity wear brand offering thoughtful and purposeful products for you during your pregancy and postnatal journey. This includes compression leggings, socks and other comfortable maternity wear.

RY socks.webp

Use code: KJ10 for  $10 off your order

A Melbourne based meal service for new and time poor parents; no prep, made-from-scratch, comfort food when you need it most (and also - very delicious!). 


Use code:  for PHYSIOKELLY for 10%off

The Lactamo breastfeeding ball supports you during your breastfeeding journey and can be used for blocked ducts, engorgement, mastitis and milk supply.


It harnesses the power of breastfeeding massage, uniquely combining temperature, movement and compression. 


Use code: PHYSIOKELLY for  15% off

Everform Therapy Wear is a Women's Health Physiotherapist designed maternity activewear, designed to support you through pregnancy and postpartum. 


Use code: KELLY21 for  20%off

Bellybands offer support products for pregnancy and postpartum. Proudly Australian owned and made. 


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