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Pre and Postnatal Physiotherapy

Pelvic floor care and health is an important part of the pregnancy and postpartum journey. 

During pregnancy

Physiotherapy can help support you and the changes your body will make during your pregnancy, prepare your body for birth as well as your return back to do the things you love after giving birth. 

During pregnancy, physiotherapy can help support you with the following:

Pregnancy related


Pelvic girdle pain

Lower back pain

Thoracic and rib pain

Hip and pelvic pain

Wrist pain and conditions

Pelvic floor


Such as pelvic pain, bladder and bowel concerns. 

Exercise during pregnancy

Education, advice and exercise prescription specific to you and your body during pregnancy.

Birth preparation

Preparing for your birth is an important part of your pregnancy journey. Women's health physiotherapy can help you with your birth preparation:

Birth education

Education regarding having informed choices and preferences for birth.


Treatment to optimise your body for labour. 

Pelvic floor assessment and treatment as required.

Perineal massage and education.

Birth skills

Pain management techniques.

Birth positioning. 

Other birth skills.


After you have given birth, we can help you with: 


6 week postnatal check

A detailed discussion about your birth. 

Pelvic floor assessment.

Scar care and healing.

Rehabilitation of any related conditions.

Post-partum conditions

Abdominal separation. 

Mastitis and blocked ducts.

Pelvic conditions. 

Common postpartum aches and pains. 

Return back to exercise

Graded return back to exercise and movement.

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